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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Harvard's Tribe Acknowledges Misusing Source

Excerpt from "Harvard's Tribe Acknowledges
Misuing Source," The Jurist- Law School Buzz
(Sept. 27, 2004):

"Just weeks after his colleague Charles Ogletree issued a public
apology for "serious errors" in attribution in his most recent book,
Professor Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law School has found himself
in a similar situation. The eminent professor of constitutional law
acknowledges, in today's Crimson, his failure to attribute material in
a popular 1985 book to a 1979 work by retired scholar Henry J.
Abraham. The acknowledgment comes in response to a lengthy
article posted Saturday on the Weekly Standard website, in which
Abraham airs his bottled-up grievances, calling Tribe "a big mahatma"
who "thinks he can get away with this sort of thing."

Included in the post are links to what two law professors have to
say about the state of legal research.