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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Dumb Laws (The Title Says it All!)

On his personal site, Dumb Laws, Andy Powell picks “dumb”
federal, state, international and foreign laws...and you can
submit a dumb law for inclusion.

Worth checking out for the disclaimer alone!

EISIL: International Law Database

The Electronic Information System for International Law (EISIL)
is a new web resource developed by the American Society of
International Law to make researching international law on the web
more fruitful and efficient.

ASIL created EISIL as a freely available database of authenticated
primary and other materials across the breadth of international law,
which until now have been scattered in libraries, archives and
specialized web sites. EISIL is envisioned to be the first place to
visit on the web when looking for international legal materials,
a one-stop, quality- assured international law information gateway.

From the home page of EISIL, you can view the general outline of
the international law subjects covered by the database. Each topical
category contains links to primary documents, recommended web
sites, and research guides.

BNA's Web Watch

This posting is courtesy of Cornell Law School's InSite current awareness service.

(BNA) Web Watch is a periodic review of online resources which
provides links to government, industry, and academic resources
on selected topics spanning the breadth of BNA coverage.
There are currently more than 100 topics, covering such issues
as Aviation Security, Data Mining, FOIA, Identity Theft, Media
Ownership, Tort Reform, and Wetlands.

The site features a new subject each week, usually focusing
on timely events in the news. Each topic links to documents
arranged first by federal government, state governments,
international governments, and then nongovernmental

These are links to freely available, non-subscription-based
materials. BNA also offers supplementary links to their own
subscription-based publications. Please note that the Barclay
Law Library may not subscribe to all BNA publications linked
from this page.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Publication Lists for College of Law Speakers

From Electronic Services Librarian Robert Weiner:

The Law Library has compiled a list of publications by Dan L. Burk,
who will visit the College of Law on September 29-30 as part of the
Endries Scholar Series. The list includes recent law journal article
citations with links to the full-text articles in Westlaw (if available).
College of Law users will be prompted for their Westlaw password
information in order to access the full-text articles.

The Law Library will be compiling publication lists for all of the guest
lecturers appearing at the College of Law during the Fall 2004
semester. They will be available several days before each scheduled

The Leiter Reports: Hot Law Blog

Brian Leiter, Joseph D. Jamail Centennial Chair in Law, Professor of
Philosophy, and Director of the Law & Philosophy Program at the
University of Texas at Austin, offers news, editorials and comments
about law, legal education, politics, philosophy and more on his blog,
The Leiter Reports. The often quoted site is provocative,
timely and always informative.

Recent posts include:

Watch out for this "undergraduate publication opportunity" scam!
More steps down the road to fascism: Legitimizing "Preventive Detention"
The hopeless Association of American Law Schools

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Amnesty International USA: Racial Profiling

Amnesty International USA's Racial Profiling site provides analysis
and accounts of racial profiling, including the 2004 report on racial
profiling. According to the report, “unlawful use of race in police,
immigration, and airport security procedures has increased since
the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001."

Browsing Selected Congressional Documents From 1995 to Present Via GPO

From Electronic Services Librarian, Robert Weiner:

"The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) is pleased to announce
a new browse feature on the GPO Access Congressional Documents
Web pages. In a continuing effort to increase the accessibility of the
resources available on GPO Access, users can now browse the catalog
of House, Senate and Treaty documents (serial set documents), by
Congress, beginning with the 104th Congress(1995-1996). "

Barclay Law Library users can find a link to GPO Access
from the Federal Resources web page accessible from the Electronic
Resources section of the Law Library homepage.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Second Circuit and Appellate Blogs

Second Opinions is Sanford Hausler's blog about the United States
Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and its opinions. Hausler,
a civil litigation and appeals attorney at Cox, Padmore, Skolnik
& Shakarchy in NYC, keeps a sharp eye on the Second Circuit,
with links to current decisions and news items about the Circuit.

How Appealing, hosted by (Legalaffairs Magazine) and
managed by Howard Bashman, links to current news articles about
appellate litigation. Bashman is a truly dedicated blogger; he posts to the
site several times a day.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Remote Access to COL Databases & Other New Faculty Services

Big news! Learn all about our exciting new service which allows you to connect remotely to licensed databases, plus more about the blog and our expanded Faculty Services web page. Please join Wendy Scott and Bob Weiner on :

Thursday, September 23
11:30 - 12:15
Room 204

We hope to see you there!

July- August Library Materials List Available

From Electronic Services Librarian, Robert Weiner:

The list of new library materials purchased during the months of July/August 2004 is available on the Law Library's web site. The list contains new book, journal, and audio-visual titles purchased last month by the Law Library. The list is available in PDF format for easy printing or in HTML format for quick browsing.

HeinOnline Attorney General Opinions

From Access Services Librarian Rosemarie Romano:

HeinOnline now contains a new library: the U.S. Attorney General Opinions Library.
This module features the "Official Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States," as well as the "Opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel of the United States Department of Justice." Like all collections in HeinOnline, this is an image-based and fully-searchable collection.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Election Law @ Moritz

This posting is courtesy of Cornell Law School's InSite current awareness service.

Election Law is a product of the faculty at Ohio State University Moritz
College of Law. Launched on July 20, 2004, the site “offers information
and analysis useful to journalists, public officials, college and high school
teachers, lawyers and law professors, and citizens who wish to learn more
about the laws and legal uncertainties affecting the electoral process.”
Explanation of the electoral process is provided in the online book, The e-Book, on Election Law, which includes chapters on topics such as campaign practices and voting. Commentary on election-related themes is limited to Weekly Comments, a feature which is archived by title, author, and date.Additionally, current election news is highlighted, and made available to users via a weekly e-mail update. The site allows a basic keyword search.

Friday, September 17, 2004

House Ways & Means Committee Searchable Database of Social and Economic Data

The House Ways and Means Committee's Green Book provides program descriptions and historical data on a wide variety of social and economic topics, including Social Security, employment, earnings, welfare, child support, health insurance, the elderly, families with children, poverty and taxation.The database, which is the standard reference work for those interested in the direction of social policy in the United States, is searchable and browsable through GPO Access (use the link above) and contains the Green Books 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2004. Documents are available in ASCII text and PDF.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) is a national organization that seeks “to promote a just immigration and refugee policy in the United States and to defend and expand the rights of all immigrants and refugees, regardless of immigration status.”
Composed of various coalitions, organizations, and activists, NNIRR advocates for full labor, environmental, civil and human rights for immigrant and refugee communities in the U.S.

The site provides information on the Network’s projects and publications, and resources for immigrants. Current projects focus on post-September 11 issues, globalization and race, and migrant workers.