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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Recent CRS Reports on Criminal Justice

The Law Librarian Blog (5/10/2006) has
posted an annotated list of recent CRS titles
on topics in criminal justice, including:

*Federal Habeaus Corpus: A Brief Legal Overview
*The Death Penalty: Capital Punishment Legislation in the
109th Congress
*Federal Habeas Corpus: An Abridged Sketch
*The Death Penalty: An Abridged Look at Capital
Punishment Legislation in the 109th Congress
*Federal Statutes (Child Pornography)
*Renditions: Constraints Imposed by Laws on Torture

*Gang Prevention & Supression Legislation in the 109th Congress
*Side-by-Side Comparison of S.155, H.R. 1279, and H.R. 4472
*Federal Prison Industries

*Federal Crime Control: Background, Legislation & Issues
*Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program:
Legislative and Funding History