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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fonts for Kids (and Some Grown Ups, Too)

For those of you with children or those looking for some
fun and unusual fonts, check out Fonts for Kids.
You can use the site to download hundreds of
fonts for personal use. Some of my favorites include
'Lemon Chicken,' 'Really Bad Typewriter,' and 'Stays in
the Cave.'

Here is a helpful tip about downloading fonts from the
site from the LibrarianInBlack blog (6/27/2006):

"The file you download from the site (simply by
clicking on the font you want) will be a .zip file,
so save it to your desktop. Then once it's saved there,
double-click and extract the file to the following path:
C:\Windows\Fonts\ Then the new fonts will auto-
matically show up in Word, Publisher, or whatever
other program you're using your fonts!"