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Sunday, December 03, 2006

TrialJuries: Where Lawyers Can Test Their Cases Online

Here is another example of how technology is
impacting on law practice. Robert Ambrogi
(LawSites, 11/20/2006) points us to TrialJuries,
a web service (due to launch in early January) that
will allow lawyers to submit their
cases and have them decided by online "jurors."
According to Ambrogi,

"the lawyer submits a written statement
(or audio or video argument) of each side's case.
Exhibits may also be added. Finally, the lawyer submits
up to five verdict and five feedback questions using an
automated form builder and then sends the case to the jury.
Mock jurors review the submissions and answer the
verdict and feedback questions. When their review is done,
the lawyer receives their verdict and can review their comments
and feedback."

When available, the service will not be inexpensive (trial practice
students take note). According to the web site, the basic cost to
make a written submission to the jury is $1500.
However, there are several demos available that give you a good
idea of how this new service will work.