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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Advice on Submitting Articles to Law Reviews

Elizabeth Nowicki (Tulane) is soliciting opinions, thoughts,
and anecdotes regarding the law review submissions process.

Questions (and readers' responses) include:

1. When do you submit your winter/spring draft to law reviews
for publication consideration?

2. Do you submit in “rounds,” whereby you submit to certain
publications first to gauge their interest, and then submit to
different journals beyond that?

3. Do you pull a piece if you do not get a law review placement
that you want?

4. Do you submit your drafts in the traditional manner using the
mail, do you e-mail your articles to law reviews, do you use
Expresso, or do you use some other service?

5. Do you judge your colleagues or your peers based on the
placement of their law review articles?

6. Has your “best” article (in your own professional view)
received the “best” placement of all your law review placements?

7. What is the most important tip you would give a junior colleague
on your faculty on the law review submission and placement process?