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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Proximity Searching in HeinOnline

Online legal researchers are familiar with the
use of proximity connectors in Westlaw and Lexis
searches. For example, the search "statement /20
spontaneous involuntary" seeks results where the
term "statement" appears within 20 words of
either the term "spontaneous" or the term
"involuntary." Did you know that you can use
proximity connectors in HeinOnline, too?

The most recent HeinOnline Tip of the Week
explains how to use proximity searching in
HeinOnline databases (in the Advanced or
Quick Search options.) The web site
tutorial is detailed and complete. Here's a
quick summary of how proximity searches work:

When you construct a proximity search, insert
the terms in quotations, close the query with the tilde
symbol, ~, and specify the distance between terms.

Example: To locate law review articles where the
terms "proportionality" and "balancing" appear within
5 words of each other in the text, use this search:

text:"proportionality balancing"~5