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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CiteGenie - Automatic Bluebook Citations When Using Westlaw

Marc Hershovitz has a new article on LLRX describing
CiteGenie, an extension for the Firefox web browser that
automatically creates Bluebook formatted pinpoint citations
when copying from Westlaw.

Here's an example cited in the article:

"To test CiteGenie with state cases,"Georgia" was selected as
the target jurisdiction in the CiteGenie configuration. Selecting
text in 278 Ga. 268, CiteGenie cited it as:

'The courts should be extremely hesitant to interfere
with the electoral process." Mead v. Sheffield,
278 Ga. 268, 273, 601 S.E.2d 99, 102 (2004).'

Changing the CiteGenie configuration to use "Florida" as the target
jurisdiction, CiteGenie cited the same case as:

'The courts should be extremely hesitant to interfere
with the electoral process.' Mead v. Sheffield, 601 S.E.2d 99,
102 (Ga. 2004).'

CiteGenie ...knows...that both the state and regional reporter
should be cited, but when citing to a court outside of Georgia,
only the regional reporter should be used."

Hershovitz explains how to install and configure the software and
describes the features of this innovative new software. He also
provides examples from state and federal cases; unpublished
electronic cases; neutral and public domain citations; and statutes.

Of course, CiteGenie doesn't mean the end of the Bluebook;
researchers should have a solid knowledge of citation rules,
since no software program is perfect!

According to the CiteGenie web site, the company is working
on a version of the software for LexisNexis citations and is
developing a version for Internet Explorer 6.x.