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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Online Archive of Policy Research

Policy Archive is on the way to becoming the largest free
online repository of public policy research in the world.
The archive was launched in June of this year by the non-
profit Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) in partnership
with the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
(IUPUI) University Library and support from major U.S.
charitable foundations.

At its launch, the archive already contains over 12,000 policy
documents from over 220 think tanks and other research
organizations. It will house up to 20,000 documents by the
end of 2008.

Project's press release (pdf)
Description of the Policy Archive Project (pdf)
List of Current Content Contributors (pdf)

Hat tip to the Law Librarian Blog.

Searchme Search Engine Presents Seamless Flow of Web Page Images as Search Results

The Searchme search engine (still in beta) presents images
of matching web pages within search results in a seamless
and easy-to-view way. Here's how it works:

When you enter a search query, you are first presented with
a series of icons that allow you to narrow the topic. For example,
when I search for Barack Obama, I can select from icons labelled
democratic party, politics, and U.S. government, or I can search
all topics at once. My search results appear
as a flow of web page images that match my query. I just
click on an image to access that web page. I can filter
my results of save 'stacks' of web page images.

Searchme is a relatively new product and its indexing
program is still growing, but the clarity of the images
and ease of use make it well worth exploring.