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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Khmer Rouge Genocide Tribunal Site & Databases at Yale Cambodian Genocide Program

The Cambodian Genocide Program at Yale has developed
an extensive web resource on the Cambodian genocide of
1975 -1979 that claimed more than 20% of the Cambodian

Included in this rich collection is a page devoted to the Khmer
Rouge Genocide Tribunal and four Cambodian Genocide
Databases containing information on human rights violations
in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime.

The Khmer Rouge Tribunal web page includes news,
tribunal documents, articles and related readings,
and photographs.

The Cambodian Genocide Data Bases consist of the
following databases:

1) a bibliographic database of records on 2,963 primary
and secondary documents, articles and books dealing
with atrocities during the Khmer Rouge regime

2)a biographic database on 19,049 Khmer Rouge military
and political leaders and many victims of the Khmer Rouge

3) a photographic database of more than 5,000 prisoner mug
shots taken at Tuol Sleng prison

4) a geographic database that includes an interactive
computerized map, plus a collection of approximately 100
scanned maps showing the locations of mass grave pits
and Khmer Rouge-era prisons and memorials