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Thursday, October 28, 2004

SSRN eSubmission

SSRN's Legal Scholarship Network has announced the
establishment of a new service, SSRN eSubmission,
which allows authors to submit their working papers
to law reviews and other participating journals.
This service is free to authors at institutions for
which SSRN hosts a research paper series. During the
initial startup phase, eSubmission is free to all authors.

The eSubmission service is available through the
SSRN UserHeadquarters . To use eSubmission, you
need to submit your abstract and paper to the SSRN

Law Professors Blog Network

The Law Professors Blog Network is a network of web logs
that provide "Resources, News & Information" for law
professors in their scholarship and teaching. Paul L. Caron,
a Professor of Law at the University of Cincinnati College
of Law, is the publisher and chief editor.

Thus far the following blogs have joined this project:

  • AntitrustProf Blog
  • CrimProf Blog
  • HealthLawProfBlog
  • LaborProf Blog
  • Sentencing Law and PolicyTaxProf Blog
  • White Collar Crime Prof Blog

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

SU Center for Support of Teaching & Learning: Faculty Services

The Syracuse University Center of Support of Teaching
and Learning
offers SU faculty a wealth of services
to support research and teaching. Included
among their services are:
  • Instructional material production & review
  • Syllabus review service
  • Outcomes assessment
  • Course & curriculum development
  • Survey design and analysis

The CSTL also offers workshops, Focus on Teaching luncheons, a Teachers' Travel Grant program and publications on enhancing teaching effectiveness.

Monday, October 25, 2004

'Cache & Carry' - The Latest in Wireless Devices

From, October 17, 2004:

In Cache and Carry: Staying Connected Wirelessly,
Chris Hayes offers up a buffet of hardware
and software to improve your wireless experience
while on the go.

From Microsoft Briefcase to the PDA electronic
library, to 'smart' phones, Hayes describes
and illustrates the newest and best wireless
'stuff' around.

Friday, October 22, 2004

ACLU Posts Docs. on Military Detainees Obtained by FOIA Lawsuit

From the BeSpacific (Law & Technology News) blog by
Sabrina I. Pacifica:

"This chart on the ACLU web site entitled
Records Released in Response to Torture FOIA Request
provides the following information: a link to each record,
the date the record was produced, the date it was released,
the authoring agency, and the record description. Many of
the documents have text that is redacted; in numerous
instances, there is no legible text at all."

Center for Democracy and Technology: Government Surveillance

From the Librarians Index to the Internet:

The Center of Democracy and Technology provides
"background information, news, analysis, policy papers,
legislation, and other information about government
surveillance issues. Topics include wiretapping, the
USA PATRIOT Act, cybersecurity and cybercrime,
the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement
Act (CALEA, or the digital telephony law), "digital search
and seizure," and legislative proposals. "Digital Storm"
provides an overview of law enforcement’s use of digital

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Legal Affairs Debate Club

Legal Affairs Debate Club is a new feature of Legal Affairs
Magazine online. On the debate web page, legal scholars,
practitioners, and journalists discuss and argue over current
issues in the law. For example, should the military be
permitted to recruit on law school campuses? What should
the Supreme Court do about the current disarray of state
sentencing guidelines or the mess it created with its rulings
on the Guantanamo Bay prisoners? Can the federal
government stop states from legalizing marijuana?

New debates begin on Mondays with contributors weighing
in daily. You can sign up to receive a weekly update about
topics coming up for debate and submit suggestions for
topics you would like to see addressed.

Monday, October 18, 2004

WIPO: Collection of Laws for Electronic Access

Excerpted from Insite, Cornell Law Library's electronic current awareness service:

"The Collection of Laws for Electronic Access (CLEA) is
produced by the World Intellectual Property Organization
(WIPO), an international association dedicated to protecting
the rights of inventors and authors worldwide. CLEA is a
free online database that provides access to intellectual
property (IP) legislation and treaties from many countries and
regions. It is useful to anyone interested in finding information on IP
law, 'including researchers, legal professionals, policy-makers,
students and administrators.' All legislation and treaties have a
record in CLEA, while some records also include links to electronic
versions of the full text of the law in HTML and/or PDF."

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Duelfer Report Available from GPO on the Web

From an email sent to Federal Depository Libraries
from the Government Printing Office:

The Comprehensive Report of the Special Advisor to the
Director of Central Intelligence on Iraq's Weapons of Mass
Destruction (Duelfer Report), released September 30, 2004,
is available at the GPOAccess web site at:

As a federal depository library, we will also be receiving
a print copy of the report from the GPO.
Electronic Services Librarian Robert Weiner will
notify the College of Law community when the
print copy becomes available.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

National Jury Center Website Launched

From the BeSpacific (Law & Technology News) Blog by
Sabrina I. Pacifici:

"The American Judicature Society's National Jury Center
has launched a Web site on the jury. The site is designed
for use by potential jurors and court administrators, as well
as the media, lawyers, judges, researchers, and interested
members of the public."

The site includes six topics:
Choosing Who Serves,
Jury Improvement Efforts,
Right to a Jury Trial
Jury Powers
Jury Decision Making
Privacy, Protection, and Publicity

ABA Juvenile Death Penalty Resources & Information

The ABA Juvenile Justice Center, a program of the ABA
Criminal Justice Section, has developed a Juvenile
Death Penalty Resources and Information web page.
The site contains up-to-date information on developments
regarding the issue, including the status of active cases,
the latest publications on the topic, and links to resources
including a Juvenile Death Penalty Resource Kit. The
kit includes articles, statistics, policy statements and links
to a a select list state legislation addressing the execution
of juveniles.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Professor Porter Addresses Regional Law Librarian Conference

From Access Services Librarian, Rosemarie Romano:

Professor Rob Porter delivered the lecture "Casinos, Land
Claims & Taxes: Understanding New York’s On-Going Indian
War," at the 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting of The Association
of Law Libraries of Upstate New York (ALLUNY) in Albany on
October 1, 2004. Professor Porter outlined the historical background
and explained the origins of some of the current conflicts between the
Indian Nations and the state and local governments of New York.
He discussed legal and social aspects of the relations between the
indigenous peoples and those who displaced them, including insights
from his experience as Attorney General of the Seneca Nation.
He also offered some thoughts on how those problematic relations might
be improved.

HeinOnline Updates!

HeinOnline has been expanded by more than 155,000
pages, with the following new content now available:

NEW to the Journals Library:

Capital University Law Review, Vols. 1-31 (1972-2003)
Monash University Law Review, Vols. 1-29 (1974-2003)
Saint Louis-Warsaw Transatlantic Law Journal, 1995-2002
Singapore Journal of International and Comparative Law,Vols. 1-7 (1997-2003)
Social Forces, Vols. 1-30 (1922-1952)
UC Davis Law Review, Vols. 1-36 (1969-2003)
Washington University Global Studies Law
Review, Vols. 1-3 (2002-2004)

NEW Monographs Added to the Treaties and
Agreements Library:

1. Collection of Neutrality Laws, Regulations and Treaties of Various
Countries, by Francis Deak and Philip Jessup. 2 volumes. (Washington, D.C.;
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; 1939)

2. Digest of the Published Opinions of the Attorneys-General, & of the
Leading Decisions of the Federal Courts, with Reference to International Law,

Treaties, and Kindred Subjects (Washington; Government Printing Office; 1877)

3. Nearly 3 dozen new KAV agreements have also been added to the Treaties and
Agreements Library.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Harvard's Tribe Acknowledges Misusing Source

Excerpt from "Harvard's Tribe Acknowledges
Misuing Source," The Jurist- Law School Buzz
(Sept. 27, 2004):

"Just weeks after his colleague Charles Ogletree issued a public
apology for "serious errors" in attribution in his most recent book,
Professor Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law School has found himself
in a similar situation. The eminent professor of constitutional law
acknowledges, in today's Crimson, his failure to attribute material in
a popular 1985 book to a 1979 work by retired scholar Henry J.
Abraham. The acknowledgment comes in response to a lengthy
article posted Saturday on the Weekly Standard website, in which
Abraham airs his bottled-up grievances, calling Tribe "a big mahatma"
who "thinks he can get away with this sort of thing."

Included in the post are links to what two law professors have to
say about the state of legal research.

September New Materials List Now Available

From Electronic Services Librarian Robert Weiner:

The law library's September New Materials List is
now available on the library's web site.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Jurist Gazette: Web Log and Real-time Access to Documents

JURIST is the real-time legal news and research website
developed by law student reporters, editors and web developers
under the supervision of University of Pittsburgh law professor
Bernard Hibbitts.

JURIST's Gazette is a weblog of documents, including major
judicial opinions, bills, reports, testimony and other official
and/or primary source materials making legal news.

You can read the Gazette on the Jurist web site (link above) or
register to receive breaking documents in real-time feed.
Instructions for accessing real-time feed are on the Gazette

Commission on Presidential Debates

From the Libraries Index to the Internet:

The Commission on Presidential Debates offers history about
U.S. Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates, debate
transcripts from 1960 to present, video reenactments of
historical debates, news, and more. From an organization
that has sponsored Presidential debates since 1988.

Exploitation of RA's by Law Professors?

University of Texas Law Professor Brian Leiter and friends
suggest that legal academics (unlike their colleagues
in other disciplines) fail to give adequate authorship
credit to research assistants and co-workers.

You can read and reply to Exploitation of Research
Assistants by Law Professors
(posted under Sept. 28)
at the Leiter Report blog site.