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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gonzales Issued Subpoena On U.S. Attorney Firings: Documents & Related Stories

JURIST has made available the subpoena [PDF] issued by the
House Judiciary Committee to U.S. Attorney General Alberto
Gonzales for U.S. Justice Department documents relating to
the firings of eight US Attorneys.

The JURIST article that discusses the subpoena also links
to a copy of the letter sent to Gonzales by the Senate
Judiciary Committee on the day before the subpoena was
issued, requesting that Gonzales provide undisclosed documents
in the committee's investigation of the firings. The letter asserts
that the DOJ ignored repeated calls from the Senate Judiciary
Committee to provide the documents.

NPR hosted a related program yesterday by Dahlia
Lithwick (legal analyst for Day to Day and the online magazine
Slate) and NPR's Alex Cohen. You can listen to the audio here.