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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Law Profs Blog on Legal Education and the Economic Crisis

A "property prof" on the Faculty Lounge blog
(2/16/2009) speculates on what legal education is
going to look like after the economic crisis. Larger
class sizes (because of fewer faculty), elimination or
reduction of low enrollment (seminar style) courses,
more adjuncts and bigger teaching loads are
among the pessimistic projections.

Michael Cahill on Prawfsblawg (2/15/2009) suggests that
"a contraction of some form in the legal-education market"
might be a good thing, since "odds do not favor [law grads]
obtaining high-paying employment after law school."

Back in October of 2008, Alfred Brophy wrote on the Faculty
Lounge blog about a slow down in faculty hiring and
hiring freezes at some law schools.