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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CeRI: Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative

From the CeRi home page:
The Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative brings together
faculty and students from several disciplines and the
legal informatics professionals at LII. We consult with
government agencies on, and engage in theoretical and
applied research about, the technology and practice of
e-rulemaking and related areas of e-government.
Current projects, described in detail on the CeRi web site,

Natural Language Processing Support for e-Rulemaking:
"Developing natural language processing tools to help agency
rulewriters at various stages of the rulemaking process"

The Public Interface Project: "Working with agencies to
improve the usability and functionality of
for novice and expert users"

Learn About Rulemaking: "Developing an integrated series
of web pages to make the complex rulemaking process
understandable to the general public"

Exploring "Scoping the technical, legal
and cultural issues raised by a website hosting online agency-
citizen policy consultations"